Since 2002, BlueGlass has expanded throughout Europe and North America. We are currently active in Scandinavia, France, Great Britain, USA and Canada. BlueGlass head office is based in Stockholm and we are developing regional agencies for each market at the moment.

Solution to your glass container needs

Whether you are looking for a standard glass bottle or jar presented in our catalogue, or wishing to develop a customized container according to your technical specification or marketing needs, BlueGlass has the solution to your project.

Partnership towards excellence

Thanks to our experienced staff and a network of renowned partners in the glass industry, BlueGlass offers a wide range of products, from 20 ml up to 5 litres, in various shapes, colours and finishes.

Value-added: expertise and project leading

Our expertise helps you through the development of your container, providing a full-service assistance and leading your project to the best glass manufacturers and decoration companies. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further assistance or questions about our products and services.

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BlueGlass continuously strives to provide its customers with quality products and top class service at a competitive price.