Embossing in glass

This traditional process enables you, from a standard container or a genuine creation, to underline your signature onto the very first “skin” of your products.

Sophisticated and traditional at the same time, embossed glass, whether complex or discreet, brings your bottle or jar a stronger personality and enables a better recognition of your products.

Technical advantages

  • suitable for pasteurization

  • suitable for returnable containers

  • embossing possible on round, square or polygonal bottles

  • embossing on body and neck, tapered or straight glass walls

  • Possibility to customize a standard bottle

  • Embossing possible on miniature as well as large containers

  • Esthetic advantages
  • Discreet signature of your products

  • Exclusive character

  • Protection against counterfeit

  • Economical advantages
  • Possibility of low production runs

  • Compatibility with other decoration processes

  • Low price difference per unit

  • Embossing in glass brings your products a touch of distinction and exclusivity, discreet and efficient. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or a specific inquiry. Our expertise combined with the know-how of our partners will bring you full satisfaction.