No Label Look

No label look decoration is a flexible and economical answer to your need of decorated and customized containers. Translucent, colored or opaque, they bring a multitude of possibilities and are adapted to most budgets and projects.

Technical advantages

  • Application on front, back and neck of the container

  • Possibility to screen print the labels prior to application

  • Decoration at the glass factory or on selected site, depending on quantity

  • Suitable to returnable bottles and pasteurized products

  • Esthetic advantages
  • Hot stamping for gold or metal looking inks

  • Printing up to 7 colors

  • Stunning realism

  • Translucent or opaque film

  • Light and temperature reactive inks possible

  • Economical advantages
  • Economical solution for decoration

  • Simplification and optimization of bottling operation

  • Suitable for low and high quantity projects

  • No label look decoration brings freshness and lightness to your products, at reasonable costs and suits the needs of most customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or a specific inquiry. Our expertise combined with the know-how of our partners will bring you full satisfaction.