Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing sublimes the impact of your products while bringing a better mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance than regular labeling.

Quadrichromia effect, precious metals such as gold or platinum, pearl aspect, effects and combinations have no limits, while granting low content of heavy metals, in accordance with the strictest legislations worldwide.

Technical advantages

  • suitable for pasteurization

  • suitable for returnable containers

  • printing possible on round, square or polygonal bottles

  • 360 print, on body and neck, tapered or straight glass walls

  • Heavy metal free inks

  • Printing possible on miniature as well as large containers and
    promotional items (ashtrays, drinking glasses, etc.)

  • Esthetic advantages
  • Quadrichromia print

  • Use of precious metal such as gold, platinum

  • Glossy or mat finish

  • Economical advantages
  • Possibility of low production runs

  • Low originating fee and tooling investment

  • Silk screen printing assures your products a shelf and table presence with no match. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or a specific inquiry. Our expertise combined with the know-how of our partners will bring you full satisfaction.