Sleeves are manufactured in different type of plastic materials and shrunk on the bottles. It enables you to innovate visually and use most of the surface for your communication.

This modern and hype technology gives more value to your products and make them stand out on the shelf beside competition.

Technical advantages

  • suitable for pasteurization (depending on optional materials)

  • recyclable

  • Shapes the bottle perfectly, whether it is round, square or polygonal

  • 360° print, from bottom plate to finish

  • Rotogravure or optional offset print technologies

  • Better UV protection for your products

  • Esthetic advantages
  • Printing with stunning realism

  • Optional use of temperature or light sensitive inks

  • Glossy or mat finish

  • Economical advantages
  • Low cost decoration solution

  • Simplification and optimization of bottling operation

  • Fits standard containers

  • Sleeves are more and more successful and bring a “hype” touch to your products. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or a specific inquiry. Our expertise combined with the know-how of our partners will bring you full satisfaction.